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Europe: Cheeses

This section contains weekly and monthly bulletins on the wholesale prices of certain European-produced cheeses in relation to the various price formation areas.
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Product Price formation area Updates
Cheeses Cheddar Cheese EU-28 Weekly
Edamer, 40% Germany
Kempten (up to 26/10/11) - Hannover (from 02/11/11)
Gouda, 45%-48% Germany
Kempten ¹ (up to 26/10/11) - Hannover (from 02/11/11)
Allgaüer Emmentaler, Aus Rohmilch Germany - Kempten Weekly
Edamski, min 42% tl Poland Weekly
Ementaler Poland Weekly
Cheddar Poland Weekly
Cheddar Cheese United Kingdom Weekly
Eidamskà thela 45% t.v.s. Slovak Republic Weekly
Eidamskà, cihla 45% Czech Republic Monthly
CAMEMBERT de Normandie PDO
CANTAL entre-deux PDO (aged 90-210 days)
CANTAL jeune PDO (aged 30-60 days)
COMTE' PDO meule
EMMENTAL 3kg bloc
France Monthly
1) since January 2006