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Grana Padano Payout

Starting from the assumption that Grana Padano is one of the most important typical products derived from Italian milk, we use its wholesale prices (set by the Milan Chamber of Commerce) in order to calculate an approximate farm-gate milk price.

The most important assumptions considered for the calculation are the following:

Value of selected Grade 01 Grana Padano, aged for 9 months or more (last quotation)
Value of Pasteurised Butter (last quotation)
Value of the Whey obtained from the price of the Whey Powder for animal feed in Germany (last quotation)
  • concentration costs at the Italian dairy;
  • shipping costs from Milan do Munich;
  • drying costs at the German facility
Cheese yield per 100 kg of milk (3,7% m.g. - 3,25% prot.)
Butter yield from 100 kg of processed milk (3,7% m.g. - 3,25% prot.)
Cost of collection and delivery from the farm gate to the factory per litre of milk
Processing cost per Lt of milk and/or kg of cheese, including interest costs in order to cover aging costs and deferred revenues
industrial costs for milk processing into Whey Powder
Fixed and common costs (related to the firm), sales and logistics costs are excluded.

In order to calculate further approximate prices on the basis of his own inputs, the user can customise the calculation by entering values different from those suggested for the above variables. The user's values can be entered in the blank entry fields in place of the default values, which are derived from the monthly average of current prices.
Click on the Calculate icon to calculate the final value. To reset the calculation with the default input values, simply click on Reset.
Your Estimated
Current Prices
and Indicative Values
Grana Padano 9M Px €/Kg 8.90
Butter Past Px €/Kg 5.38
Cheese Yield Kg 7.00
Butter Yield Kg 1.85
Whey Value €/Kg 0.046
Cost of collection €/Litre 0.014
Production Costs
per Kg of cheese
€/Kg 1.36
Production Costs
per Litre of milk
0.095 €/Litre 0.095
Theoretical price 61.24 €/100 Kg 61.24
Another consideration may be added should we consider the mix of different use of milk, dairy wholesale prices and milk yield. The result is shown in the graph simulation concerning the milk price deriving from milk processed in Grana Padano (aged for 15 months) and butter.
  DISCLAIMER: Clal seeks to ensure that the prices calculated by this interactive price system are accurate. However, Clal shall not in any event be liable for loss, or damage, howsoever suffered directly or indirectly in relation to the information produced, and no liability will be accepted for errors or omissions.
Clal recommend that if any action is considered due to information produced by the system, before any action is taken, all prices, assumptions, and other information required is checked with an appropriate person qualified to give advice.
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