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Articles and monographs

This section offers detailed information and explanatory sheets concerning issues relating to the agri-food sector.
Article or Monograph Date of publication Description Download Document
Yielded to powders?
(Thoughts about prices in agriculture)
18 October 2007 An article by Angelo Rossi analysing the general situation regarding the world milk powder market with reference to the price growth occurred during the period spring/summer 2007. This article has been published in the Italian magazine FOOD N.10 October 2007. Yielded_to_powders.pdf
Prices & summer phantoms 16 September 2003 A reflection on the divergence between production costs and consumer pricing. Prices_summer_phantoms.pdf
How to live in a changing world 7 July 2003 Managing complexity, information and training How_to_live_in_a_changing_world.pdf
Commerce 3 June 2003 Globalisation and modern barter Commerce.pdf
Milk: pearl of the filière 21 May 2003 A few comments on the value added created by the milk and dairy market Milk_pearl_of_the_filiere.pdf
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