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Italy, Lombardy: Milk Quality

This page provides with some charts referring, in the given period of time, to the milk quality parameters trend: :
  • Total Pathogenic Bacteria count
  • Somatic Cell count
  • Butterfat
  • Protein
Data refer to the monthly average not weighted of each milk quality parameter, according to the quantity of milk represented.

Samples analysed refer mainly to "Frisona" breeding livestock and 5% to "Bruna Alpina" type, whereas only a minimum part of other breeding livestock's, such as "Jersey" and "Pezzata Rossa" is analysed.

Charts at the bottom show the historical comparison among Protein and Butterfat average content of milk in the Lombardy region (Italy), France and Germany.
N.B.: Data on this page comes from the Primary Production Division of the "Zooprofilattico Istitute of Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna Italian regions", (Public Body operating in the frame of National Animal Health Service), that is located in Brescia (Lombardy region).

This System was mainly created to reallocate the economic flow produced by milk sales: the monthly collection of two drawing milk samples consents to check constantly the safe of the organs that make up the product of a specific geographical area.

The data processing has been realised thank you to the contribution of the "Centro di Referenza Nazionale Qualità Latte Bovino" of the Institute.