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Cheese and Dairy Packaging

There's a Cryovac® packaging solution for every type of cheese.
As one of the world's leading suppliers of packaging and equipment systems for the cheese industry, our commitment to developing market-based technologies that best meets your needs is unmatched and on-going.

Cheese & Dairy Packaging

Our unique packaging options provide a natural showcase for every type and shape of cheese, while helping you to grow and succeed in today's competitive business environment.

From barrier shrink films, bags and laminates to coloured materials for merchandising appeal as well as easy-open options for added convenience.
We’ve also pioneered equipment systems such as automated loading systems for greater production efficiencies. It's all part of our total systems approach, providing high performance packaging materials, equipment systems and more than half a century of experience and partnership to our customers.

Sealed Air is continuously shaping its Cryovac® packaging offer for cheese and dairy products to best meet the needs of processors and consumers.

Food safety is a top priority at Sealed Air. Our packaging solutions address food safety concerns throughout your entire process.

We help to extend shelf life and reduce food waste through our innovative packaging systems.

Sealed Air provides numerous products, systems and services to enhance your operational efficiency which translate for you into increased sustainability and revenue.

We help our clients to build and strengthen their brands and grow customer loyalty with a wide range of packaging solutions that deliver benefits.

Product specifications, brands and availability may vary depending on your geographic location.

Packaging Solutions - The Cryovac® brand

For more than half a century, the Cryovac® brand food packaging business has been developing technologies to keep food fresh, better tasting and more accessible. Our packaging technologies can be found across shopping aisles worldwide, extending shelf life and freshness of perishable food, heightening merchandising appeal and providing options for meals that are quick and easy to prepare.

Cryovac® brand products can also be found in foodservice kitchens around the world. As the number of meals prepared and served outside the home grows worldwide, so too does demand for innovative food packaging formats for use in commercial kitchens. Operators pressed for time are turning to us for packaging solutions that help reduce prep work, shorten cooking times and even make clean-up easier. For example, our expanding flexible food pouch and bag systems can be used to produce entire pre-prepared entrées, allowing for expanded menu offerings in addition to more efficient operations.

We do this with a strong understanding of consumer needs and a focus on delivering packaging materials, equipment systems and services that enable supermarket retailers and food processors to be more productive and more profitable.