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World: Whey Powder and by-products

This section contains weekly and monthly bulletins on the wholesale prices of Whey Powders and by-products produced in various non-EU countries and in relation to the various price formation areas.
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Product Country Update frequency Last edit
WHEY POWDER 1. Sweet Whey Powder (Non hygroscopic) Western Europe - USDA Fortnightly jul 3, 2020
2. Dry Whey US Weekly jul 3, 2020
LACTOSE Lactose (Edible, non pharmaceutical) US (Central and West) Weekly jul 3, 2020
WPC Whey Protein Concentrate US (Central and West) Weekly jul 3, 2020
CASEINS 1. Rennet and Acid Casein US (National) Weekly jul 3, 2020
2. Caseins Japan Monthly jun 11, 2020
USA - EU: Price of Whey Protein Concentrate Mensile jul 3, 2020
UK trade data for the period Jan - Apr 2020 are provisional