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EU-27: Dairy sector

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This page contains data with regard to some key indicators on the dairy sector over time.

The purpose of this table is twofold:

  • on the one hand, it highlights the complexity of the sector, where it is important the connection among many different elements: raw milk area, dairy productions, import, export, domestic consumption and self-sufficiency level,

  • on the other hand, it underlines the vibrancy of a market crossed by many trade routes of both semi-finished and finished products (from packaged milk to cheese and milk powders).

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x 1.000 ton
RAW MATERIAL AREA201820192020202120212022%Period
Cow's Milk
Dairy Farm Structure
Live bovine animals ('000 Head)77.84077.16176.49975.648
of which
     Cows ('000 Head)21.02920.76620.51420.207
Slaughtered cows ('000 head)6.9766.5296.3716.5132.5462.577+1,2%Jan-May 2022
Export of Breeding Heifers (HS 01022110 - head)232.711213.532222.761164.30583.30271.349-14,3%Jan-Jun 2022
Import of Breeding Heifers (HS 01022110 - head)396580664624723-51,1%Jan-Jun 2022
Milk production151.273152.560154.15388.795
± % Over the same period of the previous year+0,9%+1,0%-42,4%
Raw cows' milk delivered to dairies (Cod. Eurostat D1110D)141.813142.550144.915144.48087.03286.602(e)-0,5%Jan-Jul 2022
± % Over the same period of the previous year+0,5%+1,7%-0,3%
% Delivery on production ***93,7%93,4%94,0%162,7%
% Protein3,39%3,42%3,43%3,43%3,41%3,39% Jan-Jul 2022
% Fat4,04%4,09%4,09%4,10%4,08%4,05% Jan-Jul 2022
Farm-gate milk price (€ per 100 Kg)34,3134,7834,1436,8135,5646,85(e)+31,7%Jan-Aug 2022
± % Over the same period of the previous year+1,4%-1,8%+7,8%
Corn price (Bordeaux) (€\Ton)160160166229224313+39,4%Jan-Sep 2022
National Soybean price (Bologna) (€\Ton)356338383588580651+12,3%Jan-Sep 2022
Buffalo's - Goat's - Sheep's Milk
Buffaloes ('000)**457459473476
Buffalo's Milk Production (Cod.Eurostat D1140A)**274(e)280(e)290(e)274(e)
Buffalo's Milk Delivered to dairies (Cod.Eurostat D1140D)**220(e)224(e)235(e)239(e)
Goats ('000)**11.99212.12511.47010.937
Goat's Milk Production (Cod.Eurostat D1130A)**2.348(e)2.454(e)2.336(e)780(e)
Goat's Milk Delivered to dairies (Cod.Eurostat D1130D)**1.674(e)1.718(e)1.827(e)1.780(e)
Sheeps ('000)**61.93862.47059.68158.305
Sheep's Milk Production (Cod.Eurostat D1120A)**2.845(e)2.967(e)2.947(e)1.007(e)
Sheep's Milk Delivered to dairies (Cod.Eurostat D1120D)**2.111(e)2.038(e)2.158(e)2.116(e)
DAIRY PRODUCTION201820192020202120212022%Period
Drinking milk (Cod. Eurostat D2100)22.74222.28023.10622.84113.38013.282-0,7%Jan-Jul 2022
Cream for direct consumption (Cod. Eurostat D2200V)2.4172.4582.4632.5291.4601.477(e)+1,1%Jan-Jul 2022
Raw cream delivered to dairies (Cod. Eurostat D1200D)**120128143143
Acidified milk (yoghurts and other) (Cod. Eurostat D4100)7.8407.6837.7357.5634.5044.386-2,6%Jan-Jul 2022
Butter (Cod. Eurostat D6000)2.0302.0852.1372.0751.2731.246-2,1%Jan-Jul 2022
Rendered butter and butteroil (Cod.Eurostat D6200)**97104101105
Other Yellow Fat Dairy Products (Cod. Eurostat D6900)**209204210198
Total Cheese (Cod. Eurostat D7100)9.7889.95810.14210.240
I° Classificazione
- Soft cheese ( Cod. Eurostat D7111)**1.3081.3181.3661.403
- Medium soft cheese ( Cod. Eurostat D7112)**660641667671
- Medium hard cheese ( Cod. Eurostat D7113)**2.6662.7391.8452.763
- Hard cheese ( Cod. Eurostat D7114)**1.5381.6121.6801.700
- Extra hard cheese ( Cod. Eurostat D7115)**32644245
- Fresh cheese ( Cod. Eurostat D7116)**3.5173.5523.5593.606
2° Classificazione
- Cheese from cows'milk (pure) ( Cod. Eurostat D7121)**8.9539.1639.2759.322
- Cheese from ewes milk (pure) ( Cod. Eurostat D7122)**227232230233
- Cheese from goats milk (pure) ( Cod. Eurostat D7123)**220201204197
- Others (cheese from buffalos'milk (pure) or mixed cheese) ( Cod. Eurostat D7129)**474443478529
Cheese from cows' milk (Cod. Eurostat D7121)9.0719.1609.3899.5055.6005.545(e)-1,0%Jan-Jul 2022
Processed Cheese (Cod. Eurostat D7200)**624629603601
Concentrated milk (Cod. Eurostat D3200)8819131.0351.008583562-3,7%Jan-Jul 2022
WMP - Milk and cream powders (excl. SMP) (Cod. Eurostat D3100_X_3113)792806821751454415(e)-8,6%Jan-Jul 2022
Partly Skimmed Milk Powder (Cod. Eurostat D3112)**52556054
SMP - Skimmed milk powder (Cod. Eurostat D3113)1.5201.5051.5301.432920936+1,7%Jan-Jul 2022
Buttermilk Powder (Cod. Eurostat D3130)**85858180
Drinks with a milk base (Cod. Eurostat D9100)**1.6931.7251.6321.720
Whey(Cod. Eurostat D5000)**49.23253.73556.24554.858
of which
     Whey liquid (Cod. Eurostat D5100)**6.76416.13916.68516.501
     Whey concentrated (Cod. Eurostat D5200)**2.1202.3252.5332.468
     Whey (in powder or in block) (Cod. Eurostat D5300)**1.9432.0411.9321.942
Caseins and caseinates (Cod. Eurostat D9300)**126128113114
Other fresh products (milk-based desserts, ice cream)
(Cod. Eurostat D9200)
Cheese (0406) TOP importers1.2791.3221.4021.386681677-0,5%Jan-Jun 2022
Fat-Filled Milk Powder (FFMP) (190190) TOP importers1.0321.1411.1841.190604602-0,3%Jan-Jun 2022
Latte Confezionato (04011010+04012011+04012091) TOP importers7819011.0501.097584446-23,6%Jan-Jun 2022
Whole (04012091) TOP importers502592677773421303-28,2%Jan-Jun 2022
Semi-Skimmed (04012011) TOP importers1861942011758585+0,7%Jan-Jun 2022
Skimmed (04011010) TOP importers931161721497858-25,4%Jan-Jun 2022
Whey (0404) TOP importers771757812831426386-9,4%Jan-Jun 2022
Sweet dairy Whey (12% protein) and WPC (040410) TOP importers642624695717372327-12,2%Jan-Jun 2022
SMP (040210) TOP importers826921831789421343-18,6%Jan-Jun 2022
Yogurt and buttermilk (0403) TOP importers504514534545275265-3,4%Jan-Jun 2022
Infant milk formula (190110) TOP importers632611601507258285+10,4%Jan-Jun 2022
Condensed Milk (040291+040299) TOP importers331329338341172145-15,5%Jan-Jun 2022
WMP (040221+040229) TOP importers347313345298153129-15,7%Jan-Jun 2022
Cream (040130+040140+040150) TOP importers211208227266147138-6,1%Jan-Jun 2022
Butter And Other Fats (0405) TOP importers244296312263129135+5,0%Jan-Jun 2022
Anhydrous Milk Fat (040590) TOP importers354438301715-11,6%Jan-Jun 2022
Lactose Pharmaceutical (170211) TOP importers228219273262124129+4,5%Jan-Jun 2022
Other Product 311359365386201306+52,5%Jan-Jun 2022
Soya-based beverages (protein content >=2,8 %)906258522428+16,2%Jan-Jun 2022
Soya-based beverages (protein content of <2.8%)
based on nuts, cereals or seeds
130202314426206201-2,4%Jan-Jun 2022
Non-alcoholic beverages containing < 0,2% fats
derived from milk or milk products
173159137964749+4,6%Jan-Jun 2022
Latte Sfuso (04011090+04012019+04012099) TOP exporters720636578514295327+10,8%Jan-Jun 2022
Whole (04012099) TOP exporters704599563504291322+10,8%Jan-Jun 2022
Semi-skimmed (04012019) TOP exporters125,22,96,72,74,1+50,3%Jan-Jun 2022
Skimmed (04011090) TOP exporters4,032132,71,60,8-53,9%Jan-Jun 2022
Cheese (0406) TOP exporters1972112231978990+1,4%Jan-Jun 2022
Whey (0404) TOP exporters119113112894548+6,7%Jan-Jun 2022
Sweet dairy Whey (12% protein) and WPC (040410) TOP exporters115110107884447+7,0%Jan-Jun 2022
Fat-Filled Milk Powder (FFMP) (190190) TOP exporters13113887773738+3,6%Jan-Jun 2022
Yogurt and buttermilk (0403) TOP exporters586559512764+140,7%Jan-Jun 2022
Latte Confezionato (04011010+04012011+04012091) TOP exporters809695502424-3,4%Jan-Jun 2022
Whole (04012091) TOP exporters473640251213+6,9%Jan-Jun 2022
Semi-Skimmed (04012011) TOP exporters292934208,95,3-40,9%Jan-Jun 2022
Skimmed (04011010) TOP exporters3,631205,63,25,1+62,9%Jan-Jun 2022
Butter And Other Fats (0405) TOP exporters697348482633+26,3%Jan-Jun 2022
Anhydrous Milk Fat (040590) TOP exporters282218191112+7,6%Jan-Jun 2022
Condensed Milk (040291+040299) TOP exporters234234372325+8,2%Jan-Jun 2022
SMP (040210) TOP exporters465536321115+36,6%Jan-Jun 2022
Cream (040130+040140+040150) TOP exporters40454526129,7-16,3%Jan-Jun 2022
Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) (350220) TOP exporters181612249,316+67,8%Jan-Jun 2022
Other Product 969277522129+38,3%Jan-Jun 2022
Soya-based beverages (protein content >=2,8 %)1517118,74,15,4+34,0%Jan-Jun 2022
Soya-based beverages (protein content of <2.8%)
based on nuts, cereals or seeds
281616281315+15,6%Jan-Jun 2022
Non-alcoholic beverages containing < 0,2% fats
derived from milk or milk products
1513116,43,13,6+13,9%Jan-Jun 2022
DOMESTIC CONSUMPTION (Source: FAS-USDA)201820192020202120212022%Period
Cheese8.7909.0199.1839.3619.3619.400+0,4%Jan-Dec 2022
Butter1.8981.9011.9091.9271.9271.845-4,3%Jan-Dec 2022
SMP992834795770770810+5,2%Jan-Dec 2022
WMP381424418376376370-1,6%Jan-Dec 2022
PER CAPITA CONSUMPTIONS (kg)201820192020202120212022%Period
% Self-sufficiency rate116,4%119,0%118,3%116,7%111,4%Jan-Jun 2022
SOCIO-ECONOMIC INDICATORS 2018 2019 2020 2021 2021 2022(f) % Period
GDP (gross domestic product) 2,04% 1,85% -6,01% 5,33% 3,10% Jan-Dic 2022
CPI (consumer price index) 1,79% 1,42% 0,69% 2,90% 8,24% Jan-Dic 2022
Population ('000) 446.209 446.446 447.320 447.207
Informative Note
(f): forecast
(e) estimated
* Per capita GDP in Euro is calculated by using the yearly average exchange rate
** Only the production of the EU countries that officially declared the data are considered.

Raw material area: Sheep and Goat Milk Deliveries: Eurostat (annual data dataset: apro_mk_pobta); Milk Deliveries, % Protein e % Fat: Eurostat (dataset: apro_mk_colm); Milk Production: Eurostat (dataset: agr_r_milkpr); Number of cows: Eurostat (dataset: agr_r_animal); Number of Goats, Sheeps and Bufaloes: Eurostat (dataset: apro_mt_lsgoat, apro_mt_lssheep, apro_mt_lscatl ); Sheep and Goat Milk Production: Eurostat (annual data dataset: apro_mk_farm); Farm-gate milk price: Milk Market Observatory; Import/Export of Breeding Heifers: IHS ; Organic Milk Production: Eurostat (dataset: org_aprod);
Dairy production: (annual data dataset: apro_mk_pobta, monthly data dataset: apro_mk_colm)
Export: Eurostat
Import: Eurostat
Consumption: FAS-USDA
GDP and CPI: Intesa Sanpaolo
GDP per capita: International Monetary Found
Population: Eurostat

  • Milk deliveries (apro_mk_colm): milk collected by dairies (located in the Member State) from the agricultural holdings (within or outside the Member State).
  • Milk production (agr_r_milkpr): milk produced by agricultural holdings (located in the Member State) and a part of this milk is delivered to dairies (within or outside the Member State).
According to EUROSTAT, deliveries could be higher than milk production when dairies collect also milk from farms located outside the Member State.
Note: Self-sufficiency rate = Milk deliveries/(Domestic use in milk equivalent ME)
Domestic use in milk equivalent (ME) = Milk deliveries + Import in ME - Export in ME
The Self-sufficiency rate does not consider the trade of FFMP (fat-filled milk powder) - HS 190190 and the infant milk formula.

Last update: 30-09-2022
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