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The November 2022 Import / Export data for Netherlands are estimated

EU-27: Dairy sector

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This page contains data with regard to some key indicators on the dairy sector over time.

The purpose of this table is twofold:

  • on the one hand, it highlights the complexity of the sector, where it is important the connection among many different elements: raw milk area, dairy productions, import, export, domestic consumption and self-sufficiency level,

  • on the other hand, it underlines the vibrancy of a market crossed by many trade routes of both semi-finished and finished products (from packaged milk to cheese and milk powders).

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x 1.000 ton
RAW MATERIAL AREA201820192020202120212022%Period
Cow's Milk
Dairy Farm Structure
Live bovine animals ('000 Head)77.84077.16176.49975.655
of which
     Cows ('000 Head)21.02920.76620.51420.204
Slaughtered cows ('000 head)6.9766.5296.3716.5134.6954.700+0,1%Jan-Sep 2022
Export of Breeding Heifers (HS 01022110 - head)232.711213.532222.761164.313150.243133.189-11,4%Jan-Nov 2022
Import of Breeding Heifers (HS 01022110 - head)3965806646262620,0%Jan-Nov 2022
Milk production151.273152.560154.153153.988
± % Over the same period of the previous year+0,9%+1,0%-0,1%
Raw cows' milk delivered to dairies (Cod. Eurostat D1110D)141.850142.566144.903144.486133.115133.027(e)-0,1%Jan-Nov 2022
± % Over the same period of the previous year+0,5%+1,6%-0,3%
% Delivery on production ***93,8%93,4%94,0%93,8%
% Protein3,39%3,42%3,43%3,43%3,41%3,40% Jan-Oct 2022
% Fat4,04%4,09%4,09%4,10%4,08%4,05% Jan-Oct 2022
Farm-gate milk price (€ per 100 Kg)34,3134,7834,1436,8136,8150,17(e)+36,3%Jan-Dec 2022
± % Over the same period of the previous year+1,4%-1,8%+7,8%
Corn price (Bordeaux) (€\Ton)160160166229229313+36,6%Jan-Dec 2022
National Soybean price (Bologna) (€\Ton)356338383588588632+7,6%Jan-Dec 2022
Buffalo's - Goat's - Sheep's Milk
Buffaloes ('000)**457459473476
Buffalo's Milk Production (Cod.Eurostat D1140A)**274(e)280(e)290(e)292(e)
Buffalo's Milk Delivered to dairies (Cod.Eurostat D1140D)**220(e)224(e)235(e)239(e)
Goats ('000)**11.99212.12511.47010.943
Goat's Milk Production (Cod.Eurostat D1130A)**2.348(e)2.454(e)2.521(e)2.473(e)
Goat's Milk Delivered to dairies (Cod.Eurostat D1130D)**1.674(e)1.718(e)1.828(e)1.806(e)
Sheeps ('000)**61.93862.47059.68158.343
Sheep's Milk Production (Cod.Eurostat D1120A)**2.845(e)2.967(e)2.984(e)2.976(e)
Sheep's Milk Delivered to dairies (Cod.Eurostat D1120D)**2.111(e)2.038(e)2.161(e)2.122(e)
DAIRY PRODUCTION201820192020202120212022%Period
Drinking milk (Cod. Eurostat D2100)22.74322.28023.10522.84020.85020.708(e)-0,7%Jan-Nov 2022
Cream for direct consumption (Cod. Eurostat D2200V)2.4172.4582.4632.5272.3042.322(e)+0,8%Jan-Nov 2022
Raw cream delivered to dairies (Cod. Eurostat D1200D)**120128143143
Acidified milk (yoghurts and other) (Cod. Eurostat D4100)7.8407.6837.7357.5717.0016.944-0,8%Jan-Nov 2022
Butter (Cod. Eurostat D6000)2.0302.0852.1372.0751.9061.894(e)-0,6%Jan-Nov 2022
Rendered butter and butteroil (Cod.Eurostat D6200)**97104101105
Other Yellow Fat Dairy Products (Cod. Eurostat D6900)**209204210198
Total Cheese (Cod. Eurostat D7100)9.7889.95810.16410.314
I° Classificazione
- Soft cheese ( Cod. Eurostat D7111)**1.3081.3181.3721.403
- Medium soft cheese ( Cod. Eurostat D7112)**660641679681
- Medium hard cheese ( Cod. Eurostat D7113)**2.6662.7391.8451.906
- Hard cheese ( Cod. Eurostat D7114)**1.5381.6121.6831.702
- Extra hard cheese ( Cod. Eurostat D7115)**32644245
- Fresh cheese ( Cod. Eurostat D7116)**3.5173.5523.5593.624
2° Classificazione
- Cheese from cows'milk (pure) ( Cod. Eurostat D7121)**8.9539.1639.2959.433
- Cheese from ewes milk (pure) ( Cod. Eurostat D7122)**227232231233
- Cheese from goats milk (pure) ( Cod. Eurostat D7123)**220201204198
- Others (cheese from buffalos'milk (pure) or mixed cheese) ( Cod. Eurostat D7129)**474443479525
Cheese from cows' milk (Cod. Eurostat D7121)9.0719.1609.3899.5048.7378.704(e)-0,4%Jan-Nov 2022
Processed Cheese (Cod. Eurostat D7200)**624629603604
Concentrated milk (Cod. Eurostat D3200)8819131.035995914878-3,9%Jan-Nov 2022
WMP - Milk and cream powders (excl. SMP) (Cod. Eurostat D3100_X_3113)792806821751684666(e)-2,6%Jan-Nov 2022
Partly Skimmed Milk Powder (Cod. Eurostat D3112)**52556054
SMP - Skimmed milk powder (SMP) (Cod. Eurostat D3113)1.3691.3501.3801.2941.1891.189(e)0,0%Jan-Nov 2022
Buttermilk Powder (Cod. Eurostat D3130)**85858149
Drinks with a milk base (Cod. Eurostat D9100)**1.6931.7251.6321.743
Whey(Cod. Eurostat D5000)**49.23253.73556.37555.020
of which
     Whey liquid (Cod. Eurostat D5100)**6.76416.13916.68516.428
     Whey concentrated (Cod. Eurostat D5200)**2.1202.3252.5332.575
     Whey (in powder or in block) (Cod. Eurostat D5300)**1.9432.0411.9521.961
Caseins and caseinates (Cod. Eurostat D9300)**126128113114
Other fresh products (milk-based desserts, ice cream)
(Cod. Eurostat D9200)
Cheese (0406) TOP importers1.2791.3481.4021.3861.2731.240-2,6%Jan-Nov 2022
Fat-Filled Milk Powder (FFMP) (190190) TOP importers1.0321.1661.1841.1891.0871.059-2,6%Jan-Nov 2022
Latte Confezionato (04011010+04012011+04012091) TOP importers7819401.0501.0981.016772-24,0%Jan-Nov 2022
Whole (04012091) TOP importers502623677773720526-27,0%Jan-Nov 2022
Semi-Skimmed (04012011) TOP importers186199201175160153-4,5%Jan-Nov 2022
Skimmed (04011010) TOP importers9311817214913694-31,2%Jan-Nov 2022
Whey (0404) TOP importers771783813832766719-6,2%Jan-Nov 2022
Sweet dairy Whey (12% protein) and WPC (040410) TOP importers642647695717664609-8,3%Jan-Nov 2022
SMP (040210) TOP importers826945831788734648-11,7%Jan-Nov 2022
Yogurt and buttermilk (0403) TOP importers504523534544501473-5,6%Jan-Nov 2022
Infant milk formula (190110) TOP importers632616601508467533+14,2%Jan-Nov 2022
Condensed Milk (040291+040299) TOP importers331332338341308263-14,6%Jan-Nov 2022
WMP (040221+040229) TOP importers347315345298278227-18,4%Jan-Nov 2022
Cream (040130+040140+040150) TOP importers211209227266248247-0,3%Jan-Nov 2022
Butter And Other Fats (0405) TOP importers244297312263243237-2,2%Jan-Nov 2022
Anhydrous Milk Fat (040590) TOP importers354438302824-15,0%Jan-Nov 2022
Lactose Pharmaceutical (170211) TOP importers228223273262240231-3,5%Jan-Nov 2022
Other Product 311361365386344439+27,4%Jan-Nov 2022
Soya-based beverages (protein content >=2,8 %)906258524748+1,5%Jan-Nov 2022
Soya-based beverages (protein content of <2.8%)
based on nuts, cereals or seeds
130203314427387365-5,6%Jan-Nov 2022
Non-alcoholic beverages containing < 0,2% fats
derived from milk or milk products
173159137968994+4,8%Jan-Nov 2022
Latte Sfuso (04011090+04012019+04012099) TOP exporters720636578514490562+14,6%Jan-Nov 2022
Whole (04012099) TOP exporters704599563504481552+14,8%Jan-Nov 2022
Semi-skimmed (04012019) TOP exporters125,22,96,76,18,3+35,6%Jan-Nov 2022
Skimmed (04011090) TOP exporters4,032132,72,71,1-60,6%Jan-Nov 2022
Cheese (0406) TOP exporters197212223197181172-5,1%Jan-Nov 2022
Whey (0404) TOP exporters119114112898286+5,8%Jan-Nov 2022
Sweet dairy Whey (12% protein) and WPC (040410) TOP exporters115111107888084+5,3%Jan-Nov 2022
Fat-Filled Milk Powder (FFMP) (190190) TOP exporters13113987777172+1,9%Jan-Nov 2022
Yogurt and buttermilk (0403) TOP exporters586659514884+73,4%Jan-Nov 2022
Latte Confezionato (04011010+04012011+04012091) TOP exporters809795504645-3,2%Jan-Nov 2022
Whole (04012091) TOP exporters473640252325+11,0%Jan-Nov 2022
Semi-Skimmed (04012011) TOP exporters292934201914-24,8%Jan-Nov 2022
Skimmed (04011010) TOP exporters3,631205,65,15,8+12,7%Jan-Nov 2022
Butter And Other Fats (0405) TOP exporters697348474569+55,5%Jan-Nov 2022
Anhydrous Milk Fat (040590) TOP exporters282218191825+37,7%Jan-Nov 2022
Condensed Milk (040291+040299) TOP exporters234234373233+2,8%Jan-Nov 2022
SMP (040210) TOP exporters465636322930+2,3%Jan-Nov 2022
Cream (040130+040140+040150) TOP exporters404645262422-8,1%Jan-Nov 2022
Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) (350220) TOP exporters181612242028+43,7%Jan-Nov 2022
Other Product 969477524870+46,4%Jan-Nov 2022
Soya-based beverages (protein content >=2,8 %)1517118,77,69,5+25,0%Jan-Nov 2022
Soya-based beverages (protein content of <2.8%)
based on nuts, cereals or seeds
281616282624-5,5%Jan-Nov 2022
Non-alcoholic beverages containing < 0,2% fats
derived from milk or milk products
1513116,45,95,9-1,1%Jan-Nov 2022
DOMESTIC CONSUMPTION (Source: FAS-USDA)201820192020202120212022%Period
Cheese8.7909.0199.1839.3619.3619.3650,0%Jan-Dec 2022
Butter1.8981.9001.9091.9271.9271.890-1,9%Jan-Dec 2022
SMP992835795748748785+4,9%Jan-Dec 2022
WMP381424418376376390+3,7%Jan-Dec 2022
PER CAPITA CONSUMPTIONS (kg)201820192020202120212022%Period
% Self-sufficiency rate116,4%119,0%118,1%117,4%114,4%Jan-Nov 2022
SOCIO-ECONOMIC INDICATORS 2018 2019 2020 2021 2021 2022(f) % Period
GDP (gross domestic product) 2,05% 1,83% -5,80% 5,32% 3,33% Jan-Dic 2022
CPI (consumer price index) 1,79% 1,42% 0,69% 2,90% 9,22% Jan-Dic 2022
Population ('000) 446.209 446.446 447.320 447.207
Informative Note
(f): forecast
(e) estimated
* Per capita GDP in Euro is calculated by using the yearly average exchange rate
** Only the production of the EU countries that officially declared the data are considered.

Raw material area: Sheep and Goat Milk Deliveries: Eurostat (annual data dataset: apro_mk_pobta); Milk Deliveries, % Protein e % Fat: Eurostat (dataset: apro_mk_colm); Milk Production: Eurostat (dataset: agr_r_milkpr); Number of cows: Eurostat (dataset: agr_r_animal); Number of Goats, Sheeps and Bufaloes: Eurostat (dataset: apro_mt_lsgoat, apro_mt_lssheep, apro_mt_lscatl ); Sheep and Goat Milk Production: Eurostat (annual data dataset: apro_mk_farm); Farm-gate milk price: Milk Market Observatory; Import/Export of Breeding Heifers: IHS ; Organic Milk Production: Eurostat (dataset: org_aprod);
Dairy production: (annual data dataset: apro_mk_pobta, monthly data dataset: apro_mk_colm)
Export: Eurostat
Import: Eurostat
Consumption: FAS-USDA
GDP and CPI: Intesa Sanpaolo
GDP per capita: International Monetary Found
Population: Eurostat

  • Milk deliveries (apro_mk_colm): milk collected by dairies (located in the Member State) from the agricultural holdings (within or outside the Member State).
  • Milk production (agr_r_milkpr): milk produced by agricultural holdings (located in the Member State) and a part of this milk is delivered to dairies (within or outside the Member State).

Note: Self-sufficiency rate = Milk deliveries/(Domestic use in milk equivalent ME)
Domestic use in milk equivalent (ME) = Milk deliveries + Import in ME - Export in ME
The Self-sufficiency rate does not consider the trade of FFMP (fat-filled milk powder) - HS 190190 and the infant milk formula.

Last update: 02-02-2023
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