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OCEANIA: Payout SMP + Butter

Skimmed milk powder (SMP) and Butter are among the most requested Oceania dairy products on the international market for the production of widely consumed products. SMP and Butter prices are used as reference to deduce, with a mathematical calculation, the theoretical value of the milk used for their production.

The variables used for the mathematical calculation are the following:

100 Kg of Whole Milk with 4.7% p.p fat
and 3.4% p.p. protein
TRANSFORMATION of Whole Milk with 4.7% p.p. fat:
a. CREAM 40%: 11.75 Kg
     which produces:
     BUTTER 82%: 5.73 Kg
b. SKIMMED MILK: 88.25 Kg
    which produces:
    (10.37 Kg of SMP are obtained from 100 kg of Skimmed Milk)
     THEREFORE 1 Kg of SMP is obtained from 9.65 Kg of Skimmed Milk)

However, each User can calculate its personal indicative price by inserting different variables from the proposed ones corresponding to the current monthly average prices. The new values have to be inserted in the provided white field thus replacing the ones present at that moment. Click on Calculate to have the final value. Click on Reset to go back to the original values.

Your values
Current prices and
indicative values
Prezzo Burro USD/tons 4163
Prezzo SMP USD/tons 2613
SMP from 100kg of skim milk Kg 10.37
Cost transf. into Butter USD/100kg 38
Cost transf. into SMP USD/100kg 37
Hypothetical price 42.21 USD/100kg
38.11 €/100kg