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TDM Afilab - Real-time Milk Analysis


TDM Total Dairy Management

Product info

AfiLab is a real-time measuring device for dairy cows designed to measure milk components.
The device is installed in the milking parlor, between the milk meter and the milk collection line. The outstanding benefit of AfiLab's technology is that the device is in-line, in direct communication with the dairy's computer - measuring is continuous throughout the milking session - data is collected for every cow at each milking.


Genetics Management: Improves the milk value potential of the herd

Animal Health: Indicates metabolic problems such as Ketosis

Feeding: Early detection of SARA (Sub-Acute Ruminal Acidosis) provides the farmer with vital feedback on feeding strategy and feed quality

Milk: Enables separation of high protein milk during milking providing premium milk value to creameries

Operational Control: Enables stoppage of milking when blood is indicated

Continuous Measurement: No sampling or insertion of additives is required

No Moving Parts: Reduced maintenance costs and simplified cleaning procedures

Afilab is an indispensable device for profitable dairy farm management


Measurement of Milk Components Measures fat, protein, and lactose content
Quality Control Detects levels of SCC and the presence of blood
Free Flow Technology Milk measurement is continuous as the milk flows through the system
Integrated Circuits There are no moving parts or restriction to the milk flow
In-Line Installation The device monitors each cow at each milking session
Real-Time Measurement Data is analyzed and immediately available to the dairy manager