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produces 16% of Italian milk (Jan - Nov 2018)

Emilia Romagna's Milk Deliveries
Year Deliveries (tons) ±% on prev. year
2016 1.826.932 +3,78%
2017 1.909.799 +4,54%
Jan-Nov 2018 1.751.290 +0,19% *
* Variation % Jan-Nov 2018 on Jan-Nov 2017
PDO Cheese production in Emilia Romagna (2017)
PDO Cheese Production (tons) Milk used (tons)
Parmigiano Reggiano 132.272 1.714.690
Grana Padano 21.530 300.005
TOTAL 153.802 2.014.694
Emilia Romagna's Milk Deliveries 1.909.799
The quantity of Milk used in PDO Cheese making was calculated using the average weight of a wheel and the average yield of each cheese.

The quantity of milk used in PDO Cheeses produced in Emilia-Romagna is greater than the total deliveries of milk in the region because some dairies in Mantua (Lombardy region) deliver a consistent amount of milk to cheese factories in Emilia.