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About CLAL

Clal is an Italian Dairy Economic Consulting firm that analyzes the Dairy Market, interprets trends and provides data, news and synthesis thanks to information and training activities.

The site CLAL.it has been designed starting from an historical data base, created by Angelo Rossi, professional in this field since many years; data are continually improved with input of qualified and reliable sources.

What we do

  • Market Analysis (production, stocks, prices) of milk and dairy products in Italy, Europe, US, Oceania, Argentina
  • World trade flows breakdown by the main dairy exporting and importing countries and by single dairy product
  • Forecast: short-term trend analysis for dairy products production, stocks, and prices.

The way we communicate

Information made available by Clal.it and the way we communicate aim to make sector Operators develop a global and real-time view of national and international marketstrend to strengthen operators' capabilities to:

  • make forecast
  • make focused choices
  • gain a business view

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Our audience worldwide

The services provided by CLAL are mainly targeted at:

  • Agricultural Trade Associations
  • Milk Co-operatives and Industries
  • Food processing Industries
  • Consortia for the protection of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) products
  • Medium and Large scale Distribution (both national and international)
  • Milk Organisations
  • European Commission
  • Commodity Traders and Bodies
  • Strategic Consultancy Firms
  • The media

The team

CLAL was founded in 1962 by Angelo Rossi, and over the years the activity has turned into consultancy able to see and shape the dairy sector changes, introducing a new approach to analysing the market.
CLAL.it is a team of professionals operating in market analysis, Information Technology analysis, Communication, Statistics and Data processing relating to the dairy sector. Angelo Rossi is the team co-ordinator.

Alessandra Bignardi (2005-2015)

Alessandra Bignardi is a special member, among the very first to join the CLAL Team.

For 10 years, until she passed away in September 2015, Alessandra has helped to build what CLAL is today.


CLAL has the objective to train its team through a continuous process of transferring contents and methodologies to gain increasing knowledge levels in Dairy Industry, Computer Science and Design.
To maintain this goal CLAL is committed every day in supporting internal training through courses and meetings.

  • Starting from January 2022: Weekly participation of Mirco De Vincenzi in the price commission of the Milan Chamber of Commerce as Technical Expert for Spot Milk.
  • October 16-17, 2019: Participation at the "Expert meeting of the LTO International Milk Price Comparison" organized by LTO Nederland in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands.
  • September 30, 2019 Successful completion of the Google program "GCP Developer Enablement Program" Francesco Branchi - Google Cloud Platform
  • March 7, 2019 Participation as speaker at the workshop on the "Medium-term development of agri-food markets in EU Member States" at the Directorate General 'Agriculture and Rural Development' (DG AGRI), European Commission - Brussels (Belgium).
  • October 22-23, 2018 Attendance at the workshop on the "Medium-term outlook for the EU agricultural commodity market" organized by DG JRC and DG AGRI - European Commission - Brussels (Belgium).
  • March 1, 2018 Participation at the Stakeholder Workshop in the ‘Support for Policy Relevant Modelling of Agriculture’ (SUPREMA) Project - Brussels (Belgium).
  • March 1, 2017 Participantion as speaker at the workshop on the "Medium-term development of agri-food markets in EU Member States" at the Directorate General 'Agriculture and Rural Development' (DG AGRI), European Commission - Brussels (Belgium).