Europe: Milk powders

This section contains weekly and monthly bulletins on the wholesale prices of Milk Powders (skimmed and/or whole) produced in Europe in relation to the various price formation areas.
Product Price formation area Updates
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Magermilchpulver ADPI-Extra Germany Weekly
Magermilchpulver Sprühware, lose Germany Weekly
Poudre 0% (Consommation Humaine) France Weekly
Mager verstuivingsmelkpoeder van gebruikelijke handelskwaliteit food grade Netherlands Weekly
Mager verstuivingsmelkpoeder van EG-Origin, voor veevoederdoeleinden Netherlands Weekly
Mleko w proszku (25 kg) Poland Weekly
Susené odtuc. ml. (25 kg) Czech Republic Monthly
  View the tables with weekly, monthly and annual prices  
Vollmilchpulver Sprühware, 26% Fett (25kg Säcke) Germany Weekly
Vol verstuivingsmelkpoeder, 26% in 6-wandige exportzakken Netherlands Weekly
Comparative study and summary of Stock, Refunds and wholesale prices of Powders (SMP, WMP) and Butter in some market areas.
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