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Organic milk prices, France

On this page, you will find the monthly average price ex dairy for organic milk, as recorded in France.

The prices collected over the last four years are listed in the table, while the graph to the side illustrates price trends over the last three years.
Finally, in the charts below, we compare:
  • the Organic milk prices in France with the Organic milk prices in Germany;
  • farm-gate Regular raw milk prices with Organic milk prices in France.

The difference between the conventional milk and the milk from organic farming is based on the concept of agrosystem.
This method requires that dairy animals are handled with a program of rotational grazing, with rounds of rest and health gaps. Moreover, the number of animals must be proportional to the area under pasture without exceeding 2 LU (Livestocks units) per hectare. The milk from organic farming must be produced from animals fed organically, and without genetically modified feed, without added alkali feed, non-protein nitrogen compounds, acids and synthetic chemicals. It is forbidden to give to animals preservatives such us urea, amino acids and coloring substances of synthetic origin.

Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007

38g p.v. fat - 32g p.v. protein
Survey Date 2018 2019 2020 2021 ± on prev.
± on
January 47,45 47,72 47,76 47,75 -0,46% -0,00%
February 46,88 47,33 47,43
March 45,69 46,49 46,36
April 40,26 41,01 40,71
May 40,47 41,13 40,81
June 42,16 43,09 42,88
July 45,90 47,10 47,42
August 46,60 47,74 47,85
September 48,24 48,77 48,71
October 47,78 48,54 48,76
November 48,22 48,31 48,16
December 47,61 48,04 47,97
Avg Annual Price 45,60 46,27 46,23 47,75
Change (1) -0,01% +1,46% -0,08% -0,00%
* Prix du lait bio à la production, toutes primes comprises, toutes qualités confondues, ramené à un un lait standard (38g de MG,32g de MP).
euro for 100 lt (VAT not incl.)
1) change from the same period of previous year
Source: FranceAgriMer
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