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Cluster Exchange + Impulse Air

Cluster Exchange

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Cluster Exchange
Impulse Air

Cluster Exchange:
the perfect solution to improve the efficiency of your farm and make the best out of your investments

As all farmers know, changing worn parts in a milking parlour and maintaining your clusters is a long and tiring process. Cluster Exchange is a simple, no hassle service that saves you time and money.

milkrite | InterPuls will manage the liner change process for you. The components are sanitised using our industrial washer to ensure the removal of all bacteria; this will reduce the somatic cell count on your farm, which will enhance the wellbeing of your cows. You will no longer experience the costs of claw maintenance and our trained technicians will tailor the cluster to your system, ensuring all your parlour conditions are operating at their peak levels.

The Cluster Exchange Service offers you an affordable lease rental option and more:

  • Forget high investments on your clusters. With CES the burden of capital purchase is over!
  • The equipment is fully warranted
  • Don’t worry about changing your liners at the correct time, we’ll do this for you!
  • Quick and simple, we can have your clusters swapped over in less than 20 minutes!
  • Keeping stock of clusters is a thing of the past
  • We’ll also provide you with information on the efficiency of your wash system

Impulse Air

Udder health is fundamental and the efficiency of your farm would increase dramatically if there was no mastitis or similar pathologies.

milkrite | InterPuls offer full cluster solutions and now the very best in Cluster technology just got better! With Impulse Air you can:

  • Reduce SCC and Mastitis
  • Improve the milk flow and overall milking speed Get optimal milking performance and efficiency
  • Maintain stable vacuum on the teat
  • Increase comfort and ease thanks to lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Get a patented and award-winning technology

These clusters have improved the lives of our customers globally by making milking more efficient, giving a higher milk yield whilst saving them time and improving the health and comfort of their herd. The Impulse Air clusters are designed to support our most advanced claws, shells, and triangular liners. They combine the revolutionary triangular vented liner with the latest innovations in claw design to give the ultimate milking efficiency.
The Impulse Air cluster is available for purchase or through our Cluster Exchange Service.