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iMilk600 MMV + iFC


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Product info
iMilk600 - Advanced milk meter

iMilk600 - Advanced milk meter

Advanced, reliable, modular and user friendly these are the main features of the new milkrite|InterPuls milk meter iMilk600, which is now available in different upgradable configurations:

  • with Manual ID and a built-in standalone Herd Management Software, to occasionally monitor production and cows health and download data on the pc;
  • with automatic ID and an intuitive, simple Herd Management Software, accessible from any PC, Tablet or smartphone;
  • with a professional Herd Management Software, for advanced statistics and deep performance analysis.

The iMilk600 user interface is extremely intuitive and it permits the real time tracking of the milk flow curve, milk production, conductivity and temperature. Gates control, in parlour feeding and exclusive features like “cow preparation”, “Per place wash monitoring” help the farmer to optimize milking and washing procedures to enhance production, milk quality and cows wellness.

iMilk600 Panel + Sensor

A state of the art electronics together with an advanced sensor system, make this milk meter an essential tool for the Farmer who wants to maximize the profit of the dairy farm. The volumetric sensor, with a built-in closing valve, is the most compact on the market. Thanks to the double chamber , milk is measured in an extremely precise way and granting stability to the vacuum level and an easier cleaning. The iMilk600 can be then completed with the Milk Sampler, made of food-grade, translucent material, Designed to work with the MMV Milk Meter, it works in a proportional way since it withdraws a small milk quantity every liter milked (following ICAR rules ).


Monitoring of milk production, temperature, conductivity  
Milking and washing reports available  
Over 10 years’ production data can be stored on the panel and examined from each milking point. Through further upgrades they can be then transmitted to the dairy management  
Precise detachment of the cluster  
Gates action and concentrate distribution control  
Sensor dismountable without any tool  
3A approved sampler for the US market  
Sampler fitting all parlors; usable both vertical or 45° inclined  

iFC - InterPuls Farm Controller

iFC (InterPuls Farm Controller) enables communication between iMilk600 and “Velos” Herd Management Software and adds strategic herd statistics through the user-friendly Interface “MyFarm”, that can be accessed through any device in the farm (PC, tablets, smartphones) by the local WiFi network.
If iFC is connected to internet, “MyFarm” can be consulted remotely and it includes detailed statics about:

  • Herd Composition by Production Status
  • Herd Composition by Reproduction Status
  • Herd Composition by Lactation Number
  • Herd Composition by Days in Milk
  • Fertility KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as HDR, CR, PR, etc...


No need of specific software installation on the PC. MyFarm can be viewed like a website through a browser.  
Upgradable with further MyFarm software releases.  
Modular and user friendly.  
Data safely stored in the panel are always available for future upgrading.  
No risk of jeopardizing the milking operations.  
Data lie within the farm but are examinable wherever the farmer is, through an internet connection.  
Thanks to the encrypted connection with MyFarm the data are safe and cannot be cloned.