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iCalve101 – innovative calving monitoring system


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iCalve101, Best Product @Agrofarm 2015

iCalve101 – innovative calving monitoring system

Calving is a delicate phase in dairy farming. For this reason we have devised iCalve101, an innovative monitoring systems that permits adequate assistance to the cow and to the calf. The ergonomic tail sensor monitors the animal, providing early information - up to 30 minutes before - about calf delivery status.

Farmer, veterinary and other professionals can dedicate time to other farm activities, because with iCalve101 is the cow itself that “informs” about the forthcoming calving; ringing or sending a text message at the operators’ cellphones registered on the control unit. A properly assisted calf delivery allows to knock down health risks for cow and calf. The “CowCloud” technology permits to store the data about calvings.

Webcam plug-in allows to monitor constantly the status of the cows into the calving zone. Furthermore the phone call the app will automatically open a window, on the smartphone, displaying the calving zone e the cow next to the calf delivery.

iCalve101 won the “Best Product Award” @AgroFarm 2015 in Moscow.


24/7 calving monitoring  
Remote control of the calving zone  
Plug-in webcam module  
More well-being for the dairy herd  
Less labour  
Plug and play  

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