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Collaborative palletizer

FlexLink’s range of collaborative applications offers alternative solutions to three main labor-intensive process points during production: carton and material feeding at the beginning of a line; case packing in the middle; and palletizing at the end-of-line.

Operators are increasingly working with or alongside robots of varying forms, rather than in isolation of each other, whether that be for material feeding on the line, case packing, or palletizing. Physical labour-inducing tasks such as loading boxes onto the production line, or manually getting involved in end-of-line palletizing are becoming less frequent as robots are introduced into the production process.

The high standards FlexLink sets in its conveying solutions are mirrored in the equally high standards of these collaborative robot solutions. FlexLink's experience in this growing world of robotics can benefit companies that want to implement factory automation and utilize collaborative robots in these systems. The emphasis on creating compact and mobile robotic solutions comes from 15 years of robotic installations, with over 700 applications worldwide. FlexLink does not manufacture cobots directly, but utilizes them in complete, turn-key solutions that integrate the robots with automated conveyor systems.

RC 10 – Palletizing with a collaborative robot

The standardized palletizing cell from FlexLink is compact, quick to install and easy to move. The use of a collaborative robot significantly reduces the footprint, by over 50% compared to cells with industrial robots.

The machine is made for automatic palletizing of undamaged, clean and square-shaped carton boxes from a picking position. A tablet application ensure easy layer configuration, without any need for complicated robot programming.

A fence system or a cage is not needed and operators can safety work side-by-side with the RC 10.

The machine contains one conveyor and one palletizer with two pallet positions. It is a single pick unit, working at 8 boxes per minute, with a maximum load of 8 kg each.

The operating cost is low, with a two-in-one power supply of 110V and 230V. Built-in vacuum pump, which allows an effortless move of the palletizing cell – no external air supply is needed.


  • Single palletizing unit, with a maximum load capacity of 8 kg per box
  • Load capacity of 8 boxes per minute
  • Power options of 110V or 230V
  • Built-in vacuum pump, no external air supply required
  • Conveyor height options: 700, 744, 774, 818 and 862 mm
  • Four standard configurations of infeed conveyor (left, center-left, center-right or right)
  • One electrical cabinet for the conveyor and collaborative robot