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Stainless steel conveyors

Automated Production Flow Solutions

From conveyor components to turnkey solutions, FlexLink delivers automated production flow solutions that increase the efficiency of your production processes. Our FoodTech offer is designed with consumer safety and operators in mind, with a toolbox of products and services. This article focuses on two solutions: the wide belt conveyor, and palletizing with a collaborative robot.

WLX - Wide belt conveyor

The modular, wide belt conveyor WLX is designed without any horizontal surfaces, cavities or hollow bodies. The conveyors are based on a stainless steel conveyor beam, adapted to the requirements of hygiene industries i.e. food and dairy processing. It addresses important aspects of today’s packing processes: easy to clean, smooth handling of products, safe for operators, robust design, long service life, and a low cost of ownership.

The modular and standardized design ensures fast set up, and facilitates rapid future extensions and changes.


  • 152/203/374/526/678 mm belt width
  • 40 m/min
  • Operating temp. -46 C to +60 C
  • Chain lifter unit
  • 3-A qualified conveyor


The cleaning process for WLX is quick and easy, setting new standards for results and available process time. The hygienic design facilitates simple cleaning procedures and ensures a consistent result. The design is fit for purpose with rounded corners and flat surfaces. Hollow bodies and crevices, where pathogens and contaminants tend to get trapped, are eliminated. In addition less water and detergents are needed, which in the end means lower costs.

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RC10 - Palletizing with a collaborative robot

FlexLink offers a complete product handling capability throughout the production process, including the requirement to palletize the products. RC10 is a standardized palletizing cell with collaborative robot, it is compact, quick to install and easy to configure. It is a user-friendly and compact solution, which can work side-by-side with the operator, completely without a cage or fence. The use of a collaborative robot significantly reduces the footprint to maximize your production floor space.

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