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Whole Milk…
      ▸ “SPOT” Italy 14 Apr 2014 -7,9% -10,5%
      ▸ farm-gate EU-27 30 Apr 2014 +0,4% +16,5%
      ▸ farm-gate USA 31 Mar 2014 +0,8% +24,7%
PDO cheeses…
      ▸ hard Italy 14 Apr 2014 -1,0% -3,1%
      ▸ semi-hard Italy 14 Apr 2014 -0,0% +7,4%
      ▸ fresh Italy 14 Apr 2014 +0,2% +5,3%
Cheeses Germany and Oceania 16 Apr 2014 +0,5% +5,2%
Butter Italy, Germany and Oceania 16 Apr 2014 -5,3% -10,7%
SMP (Skimmed Milk Powder) Germany, Oceania and USA 16 Apr 2014 -3,8% -5,5%
Whey powder Germany and USA 16 Apr 2014 -0,2% -4,3%
Corn Italy and USA 15 Apr 2014 +0,3% -27,5%
Soybeans Italy and USA 15 Apr 2014 +0,3% -6,4%
Oil Europe 4 Apr 2014 -1,2% -1,7%
Retail price
PDO hard cheeses Italy Feb 2014 -1,1% -3,6%
Fresh cheeses Italy Feb 2014 -0,9% +1,2%
Butter Italy Feb 2014 -0,8% +8,7%
Percentage price changes relate to (i) the last quotation period, and to (ii) the same period of the previous year

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World Supply and Demand

Dairy Alert outlines hereafter some important changes that occured in the market and may have an impact on the market trend:

  1. export share of production of Grana Padana, Parmigiano Reggiano and Gorgonzola cheeses,
  2. Cheese, Butter, Powder and Packed Milk import and export flows of the main dairy players.

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* Compared to the same period of the previous year

** Compared to the same month of the previous year (Information Note)

Import or Export changes become “Alerts” if the given thresholds are exceeded: Infant milk formula ± 15 %, Packaged milk ± 20 %, Butter ± 15 %, Cheese ± 15 %, SMP ± 20 %, WMP ± 20 %, Whey powder ± 40 %


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Clal Updates and Publications provides the Operators with a range of updated information.

  • ITALY: Import/Export as of January 31, 2014

    Exports of G.Padano + P.Reggiano:+3,21 %
    Exports of Gorgonzola:-3,95 %
    Exports of Grated cheese:+4,34 %
    Imports of Full-fat bulk milk:-2,00 %
    Imports of Packed semi-skimmed milk:-24,36 %
    Next Update: May 16, 2014

  • FONTERRA Auction results of April 15, 2014

    AMF (Anhydrous Milk Fat):+0,6 % (average price: 4.086 US$ / Ton)
    BMP:-8,6 % (average price: 4.075 US$ / Ton)
    BUTTER 82%:-4,9 % (average price: 3.832 US$ / Ton)
    RENNET CASEIN:-4,3 % (average price: 10.630 US$ / Ton)
    CHEDDAR:-3,3 % (average price: 4.273 US$ / Ton)
    MPC:-7,0 % (average price: 7.824 US$ / Ton)
    SMP:-4,4 % (average price: 3.969 US$ / Ton)
    WMP:-1,6 % (average price: 3.990 US$ / Ton)
    Next GlobalDairyTrade Event: May 06, 2014

  • March 2014: Quarterly Macroeconomic Outlook

    Macroeconomic Outlook edited by the Research Department of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, Italy


a new project:Sistema Stalla Performance and Competitiveness of Italian Dairy Farms

CLAL focus on: The Piave Cheese Consortium

Piave Cheese
The Piave Cheese
Establishment year:
Busche di Cesiomaggiore (BL), Italy
Piave Fresco (Fresh Piave), Piave Mezzano (partially aged), Piave Vecchio (aged), Piave Selezione Oro (Selection), Piave Riserva (Reserve)

Piave cheese is produced by using milk exclusively from the Bellunese valleys collected from over 200 stables where cattle, primarily of the Alpine Bruna breed, are fed with local forage rich in inflorences which attribute particular organoleptic characteristics to the milk. Still produced according to ancient rules of the local dairy, captures all the intense and full-bodied flavor that grows with the advance of curing, preserving a particular note in the taste that makes it unique.


Comparison graphs in this section provides with the list of the main topic areas, described by way of facts sheets (enriched by comparisons and connections).

Agricultural Market Feed

I- Milan, Foreign soyabeans price In calo -0,64%
I - Milan, Italian Corn price In calo -1,51%
USA - Wheat Price In aumento +6,32%
USA - Soybeans Price In aumento +3,03%
US - Maize price In aumento +4,37%
Information Note
  1. Market News evidences only the changes; should no price change or no quotation take place, any mention will be made.
  2. The change/variation concerning PRODUCTION/OUTPUT quantity refers to the same period of the previous year.
  3. The change/variation concerning STOCK quantity refers to the previous month.
  4. The change/variation of price refers to PRICES expressed in local currency (for both EU and the World). The change refers to the previous week/month/year, as the case may be. In the case of dual-listed (min and max), changes are calculated using the MAX PRICE. Supporting Partners

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