The live video streaming of the event will be available into this space
  • thursday, May 28th from 3pm to 6pm (Rome time)
  • wednesday, May 29th from 9am to 5pm (Rome time)
The recording of each event will be available as soon as it ends.
Dairy Forum 2015
  • Angelo Rossi
    The dairy market situation

    • Prof. Holger D.Thiele - University of Applied Science Kiel and IFE (Institute of Food Economics Kiel)
      The European milk futures

    • Charles Piszczor - Director Commodity Research and Product Development CME (Group Chicago, Illinois)
      CME Dairy Markets

    • Michael Nolan - GM Operations GlobalDairyTrade (Auckland, New Zealand)
      How GDT underpins effective global trade

  • 9.00

    Welcome Address and Introduction to the Forum
    Angelo Rossi - Founder

  • 9:10

    Morten Lykke Poulsen - Global Innovation Manager, GEA Process Engineering
    How new process development contributes to enrich the choice of dairy ingredients

  • 9:30

    Giulio Mengoli - President, Tetra Pak Italia
    Global consumer trends and implications for liquid dairy products

  • 9:50

    Francesco Biella - IRi
    Global cheese consumption

  • 10:10

    Mohamed El Damaty - CEO, Domty, Egitto
    Innovation in dairy sector in Egypt, the key for growth

  • 10:30

    Francis Reid - Policy & Advocacy Manager, Europe-Russia-MEA, Fonterra, New Zealand
    Fonterra's Strategy in Action - Building a Globally Relevant Co-operative

  • 10:50

    Michel Nalet - President, EDA European Dairy Association
    EU dairy strategies for conquering world dairy markets

  • 11:10

    Questions & Answers

  • 12:20

    Prof. Paolo De Castro - EU Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development

  • 14:30

    R S Sodhi - Managing Director, GCMMF Ltd., (AMUL), India
    India, the emerging dairy capital of the world - The Amul Perspective

  • 14:50

    Professor MD Pier Luigi Rossi - Food and Nutrition Dept., University of Bologna
    The Nutritional Genomics of Butter

  • 15:10

    Questions & Answers

  • 15:30

    Francesco Pugliese - CEO, CONAD
    Create value in the chain of milk
       Panel discussion with the following Italian Managers:
       Nino Andena, Milk Producer and Council Member Coop. Santangiolina
       Alberto Bizzotto, CEO Centrale del Latte di Vicenza Spa
       Roberto Brazzale, President Brazzale Spa
       Tiziano Fusar Poli, Milk Producer and President Coop. Latteria Soresina
       Fabio Leonardi, CEO IGOR Spa
       Nisio Paganin, General Manager Agriform Soc. Coop. Agr.

From Tuesday, June 2nd recordings will be available
on our YouTube channel claldairy.

Export UE-27 - Annual and Monthly Profile {Table C}

This section offers a wide database regarding import and export flows in the main dairy countries and international trade flow analysis on the various dairy such as Cheese, Butter, SMP (Skimmed Milk Powder), WMP (Whole Milk Powder), Whey Powder, WPC, AMF, Condensed Milk, Bulk and Packed Milk, Lactose, Caseins and Caseinates.

In particular :
  • the exports flows of all dairy product by the main exporting countries (Table A);

  • the world exports (representing 85/90% of the world trade flows) of all the dairy products (Table B);

  • import and export flows of all dairy products by the main dairy players. The data are expressed on a monthly and yearly basis (Table C);

  • a monthly report of the export trend of all dairy product by the main dairy players (Table D);

  • a table that displays the comparison between the historical production, exports, and imports of the key products (balance sheet) in the main Countries (Table E). The data are updated on a semiannual basis from FAS-USDA sources and are coupled with those coming from production and consumption.
The user can use the information to:
  • support its strategic decisions;
  • gain a comprehensive overview, in real-time, of the dairy market trend .

CLAL is pleased to show the pages contained within the Dairy World Trade section on a trial basis, in order to evaluate the service before submitting a request for supporting activity.
Diary World Trade: Demo
Diary World Trade: Demo



The Dairy World Trade

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Demo Dairy World Trade
TABLE A: Export Statistics - WMP Commodity
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Demo Dairy World Trade
TABLE B: Yearly Analysis
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Demo Dairy World Trade
TABLE C: Export Statistics - EU 27
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Demo Dairy World Trade
TABLE D: Monthly Analysis - WMP Commodity
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